Our Merchant Marine

1911-Scientificamerican-magazine-cover“The Panama Canal is nearing completion. As it appears now, all the countries that control a merchant marine will be in a position at once to make use of this new maritime route. Our country, however, has taken no steps to the same end, but on the contrary our strength is dissipated in discussions about ways and means by which the merchant marine might be restored. It looks to me that this delay may have serious consequences. We not only lose the immediate opportunity and profit; but routes once established and connections made by foreign trade are not easily dislodged. We should be prepared at the inception to take full advantage of this route, established by our enterprise and with our money.” Scientific American, July, 1911

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A call for expansion of the civilian shipbuilding industry.
Scientific American
, cover, 1911,
entitled: “Shall We Have a Merchant Marine?